Meet the Guys!

How We Met


We are all students at UC Riverside! Alex and I met at the beginning of our freshman year and started jamming together all the time. The beginning of my 2nd year at UCR, we met Noah. I don't remember where we initially met, because he kept popping up everywhere, at a meeting, in my dining hall, in my jazz combo, and we got to talking and here we are now! Still looking for one missing element, we eventually found Darryl, and he fit right in. Our first show with the full line up was breathtaking. It was meant to be.




Our beloved metalhead, who also enjoys literally any kind of music, and can drum along to anything from the Black Keys, to Tool, to any one of the many underground bands he loves so dearly. He also loves King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard



Multi instrumentalist and singer and lover of a whole bunch of rock and Spanish music. While primarily the band's pianist, Alex can pick up a guitar, bass, piano, or drum set and groove along to wherever the music is going



Super fly multi instrumentalist with the sickest grooves. Whether he's laying down some funky bass lines, shredding on the guitar, or holding down the drum set, Darryl will make you move



Multi instrumentalist and singer, founder of the group, Marwan has a dope mix of influences from Jazz, to Funk, to Rnb/soul, to Blues, and while guitar as his main instrument, he enjoys popping on the set, bass, or keys from time to time to keep life interesting

Jane Doe


We don't know who this is or why she's here, but she looks like she's havin' a good time, so we thought we'd just leave her be